Systems & Tools Working Group
A brief survey regarding the tools and habits that support your current use of email, calendar, document collaboration and project management.
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The outcome of this survey is that Rolando will deliver an anonymized summary assessment of focus areas for this working group to consider over the next three months (e.g. tools, systems, documents, trainings, discussions and decisions to be made).

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What’s your single biggest challenge when it comes to achieving the results you want at Urgent Action Fund? *

Please provide as much detail as possible about the challenge you face.The more information you can provide the more it will help us create tools, systems and trainings that are valuable to you.
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The most critical tool/system we need implemented in the next three months is: *

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One dynamic of our technical infrastructure that makes teamwork challenging is? *

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One dynamic of our team culture that makes my work challenging is? *

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Do you have any general questions about managing email, calendar, google docs, projects? *

Feel free to be both candid and humorous here.
How disappointed would you be if you could no longer use email (e.g. "the entire organization moved to private and secure Slack)? *

Why did you choose this response?

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The most important thing about email is: *

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How could email be improved to better meet your needs? *

How do you check your email on your desktop/laptop? *

How do you check your email on your phone? *

Phone Operating System (iOS, Android, etc.) *

Phone Make/Model *

Do you have someone who helps you set up or modify your computer or phone? *

What tools do you use to make & share documents? *

Do you use iCloud (Notes, Photos, etc?)

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In the near future, being a bi-coastal team will be even more successful because we have accomplished the following:


Do you have access to the following via both Desktop & Mobile? *

How would you assess your approach to managing email communication? *

(e.g. "I'm a student" or "I'm an Artist" or "I'm a Mentor")
Can you share a bit about how you approach planning and getting work done? *

Have you engaged in any other technical training? If so, which? *

What's your thoughts on Email Etiquette? *

How do generally manage scheduling meetings with other people? *

Have you ever heard of Inbox Zero? If so, what? *

Have you ever heard of GTD? If so, what? *

What's the difference between the emails you Delete, and emails you Archive? *

How frequently to you check email? *

Scenario: You open your email inbox and then: *

Do you ever ask others to provide everything needed in a single email, or answer all questions to several emails in a single email response? *

How do you choose what a Subject Line should be? Do you have any tricks for using the Subject Line better? *

Can you list any tools, apps or services you imagine would be helpful for Urgent Action Fund to implement? *

Have you taken any of the following courses / trainings? *

Are there any other management or teamwork trainings you've engaged in (formerly or informally)? *

Do you have any Direct Reports (are you managing a team?) *

Do you manage anyone that manages other people? *

What would you say is the number of active Projects you are managing? *

Anything else you want to share?

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I look forward to spending more time together soon.

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